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Third Party Integrated Development Environment

All Cosmic C Cross Compilers for Windows include IDEA - Cosmic's own integrated development environment, but Cosmic compilers are designed to be powerful and flexible so they can be used with virtually any environment.

Borland CodeWright

All Cosmic C Cross Compilers are integrated with Borland's Codewright Windows editor and project manager. To evaluate an Integrated Development Environment using Codewright download any Cosmic Evaluation Kit and the Codewright Integrator as well as the Codewright Windows Editor/Project manager Evaluation Kit. Installation and setup procedures can be found in the file Quick_Start_CW.pdf which is also included in the "Codewright Integrator" zip file.

RistanCASE Development Assistant for C (DAC)

All Cosmic C Cross Compilers are also integrated with RistanCASE's Development Assistant for C. DAC is a Windows Editor, Project Manager, Flow Chart Creator, Software Metrics and Documentation Generator. To evaluate DAC with Cosmic Development Tools download any Cosmic Evaluation Kit , the RistanCASE DAC Trial and the DAC and Cosmic Technical Note with examples. Installation and setup procedures are described in the technical note provided in PDF format.
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