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Cosmic 56800/E Cross Development Tools

NXP™ and the NXP logo are trademarks of NXP.

Cosmic Software's 56800/E Development Tool Suite delivers the features and performance needed to create cutting edge applications. These tools are focused on leveraging the unique benefits of the 56800/E DSP+Controller architecture, while maintaining a standardized easy to use programming environment.

The NXP 56800/56800E families are the industry’s first digital signal controllers built from the ground up to handle both control and signal processing applications as efficiently as stand-alone MCUs or DSPs. Cosmic's 56800/E development tools provide users one integrated development and debugging environment that supports both DSP and controller functionalities using one project and programmable executable.

Cosmic Software works closely with many leading third party hardware and software providers to ensure seamless integration between products giving users the freedom to choose the tool combination that will bring them success.

Cosmic Software is committed to providing its customers a toolset with the flexibility, stability and performance that will help them bring their products to market on time, under budget and with greater innovations. Cosmic's development tools for NXP's 56800/E include C Cross Compiler/Assembler, IDEA development environment, and ZAP Debuggers.

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