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Technical articles and application notes

Technical articles and Application Notes are provided to help clients to use Cosmic tools in the best possible way.

  • Application Note: writing optimal C code for ST7
    This technical article provides the basics for writing optimal ST7 applications by taking a real-life example and showing how it can be improved modifying both the code and the compiler options. Read

  • Application Note: Understanding the differences between Cosmic and Metroweks ST7 compilers
    This technical article explains the differences between Cosmic and Metrowerks C compilers and is particularly intended for people porting an application from Metrowerks to Cosmic, as well as for people benchmarking the two compilers. Read

  • S12X and Xgate mapping overview: a handy A3 sheet to print out and stick on the wall for any s12x developer.
    This single-sheet article / drawing is an excellent and very helpful overview of how to manage the complexity of the s12x and Xgate memory maps. View