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Technical articles and application notes

Technical articles and Application Notes are provided to help clients to use Cosmic tools in the best possible way.

  • PowerPC: how to quickly run three cores with no libraries
    This Application Notes shows how to quickly run the three cores of the NXP MPC5748G chip starting from scratch. View Application Note Download Source Code

  • Getting started with the PowerPC tools: Compiler, IDE and debugger.
    This Application Note describes how to get started with the Cosmic Toolchain for PowerPC. View Application Note

  • Getting started with the PPC tools: compiler options and linker file.
    This Application Note describes how to best use the Cosmic Toolchain for PPC depending on the derivative used and its memory size. View Application Note

  • Application Note: writing optimal C code for ST7
    This technical article provides the basics for writing optimal ST7 applications by taking a real-life example and showing how it can be improved modifying both the code and the compiler options. Read

  • Application Note: Understanding the differences between Cosmic and Metroweks ST7 compilers
    This technical article explains the differences between Cosmic and Metrowerks C compilers and is particularly intended for people porting an application from Metrowerks to Cosmic, as well as for people benchmarking the two compilers. Read

  • S12X and Xgate mapping overview: a handy A3 sheet to print out and stick on the wall for any s12x developer.
    This single-sheet article / drawing is an excellent and very helpful overview of how to manage the complexity of the s12x and Xgate memory maps. View