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Download the STM8+Eclipse package for Linux

January 2022: Cosmic has developped an experimental version of a package based on Eclipse and containing all the tools needed for STM8 application development: an IDE (Eclipse), a compiler (Cosmic), and a debugger (a GDB version, ported for the purpose of this experience). The current package is available for Linux only (ubuntu 20.04, real PC or virtual machine) and includes a 1-year license (for the compiler only, everything else is open source). The integration with Eclipse is preliminary: some of the most important paramenters can be set via menus, but for any complex use it is currently necessary to know the command line version of the compiler options.
In a similar way, it is currently not possible to just choose a derivative and have the linker file generated accordingly (as it is the case for IDEA and STVD): the linker file must be modified by hand (it can be easily done inside Eclipse).
Both the simulator and actual hardware (via openocd, included in the package) are supported.
If you want to see what the package looks like before downloading, you can check our Getting Started on YouTube

If you want to try this version and send us your feedback, you are welcome: please fill the form below to download and test.

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